Here are those recent publications and preprints that were not listed on the front page. See here for an exhaustive publication list from 2020 onwards, and here for an exhaustive list until 2020 (or check google scholar, of course…).


Other Recent Publications on E-Values and “Safe Testing”

  • Rosanne Turner and G. Exact Anytime-valid Confidence Intervals for Contingency Tables and Beyond, accepted for publication in Statistics and Probability letters, 2023. Also at
  • Wouter Koolen and G. Log-Optimal Anytime-Valid E-Values. International Journal of Approximate Reasoning, 2021.
  • Judith ter Schure and G., 2019.   Accumulation Bias in meta-analysis: the need to consider time in error control. F1000Research 2019, 8:962 (

Recent Publications on Quite Different Other Stuff

Recent Publications on PAC-Bayes, Excess Risk Bounds, “Safe” and Generalized Bayesian Inference